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Friday, January 9, 2009

bleee...n x serabot.

last night aku on ym n aku tegok ah avatar update...uhuhuh aku tegok dia update uhuhuh,,aku x tau ah,,dia megelak ke dari aku nie...tapi pg nie aku ok balik n im try to think positive.uhuuh my b bz degan keje ...or dia x nk kene kacow,tapi biar lah kan...i just go with the flow..huuh just tunggu jerk ha.kalo dia ingat n betol care about me so he will contac me..asp.!!!....i hope that i still have a brother..n i will go on with my life...as normal persone some day...if i can...now my problem is kumpol duit so that my wife can still study.../i hope i will not make my lover down....so how ever cross over my blog please wish me the best of luck ok....heheheh....